Spot Market Sales

ePigflow™ makes it easy to buy and sell weaner pigs and feeder pigs using the Spot Market Sales service. The service allows sellers to post pigs for sale and connect with buyers either online or offline to negotiate a sale price. A fee of $0.25 per head is charged to the Seller only when there is a successful sale.

The basic steps for a Spot Market Sale are listed below. You can find more information by viewing the How It Works section.

1. After creating a free account, users can log into ePigflow to view and create listings.

2. Sellers can create a listing for the weaner or feeder pigs they would like to sell.

3. Buyers can view those listings including detailed information about the group for sale and access the sellers contact information.

4. Potential buyers make contact directly with the seller to discuss health, shipping and any other information.

5. Potential buyers can make offers directly to producers offline or they can use the online offer system.

6. If a buyer makes an online offer the seller has 24 hours to accept, decline or counteroffer. The buyer can withdraw the offer prior to the seller taking any action.

7. Once an offer is accepted buyer and seller work together to complete the transaction per their agreement.

8. When Spot Market sale listing results in a successful sale the seller pays $0.25 per pig to ePigflow

9. Sellers are required to notifiy ePigflow of sale price and terms which will be posted to the the site to help improve market transparency and price discovery.

ePigflow is registered with the Packers and Stockyards Administration, and holds the necessary state licenses.

ePigflow is a simple, transparent and secure online market for weaner pigs, feeder pigs and facility spaces. ePigflow makes it easy for users and helps them get the best pricing.

For additional information you can view the How It Works section or sign up now for your free account to access the listings.